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Etobicoke, ON


Dog Orthopaedics in Etobicoke, ON

If you're like most dog owners, you probably consider your canine companion to be a true member of your family. So if your dog needs surgery or orthopaedic services, it's natural to want only the best for your favourite friend. And that's where we come in. Our dedicated team is committed to providing your dog with the treatment he or she needs to live a happy, active, and healthy life.

Your Dog's Needs First

At South Etobicoke Animal Hospital, we love animals as much as you do, and we understand how orthopaedic issues can impact your dog's quality of life. That's why we go out of our way to provide thorough, comprehensive services, from evaluations to surgery to therapy. Whether your dog is suffering from a problem relating to injury or old age, we're on hand to offer the warm, compassionate care your buddy deserves.

For more information about our dog orthopaedic services or to schedule an appointment for your dog, call us today.