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Etobicoke, ON


Veterinary Dentist in Etobicoke, ON

Just as you would see a dentist to take care of your teeth, it's important for your pet to have regular checkups with an experienced veterinary dentist as well. When it comes to proper dental care, at South Etobicoke Animal Hospital in Etobicoke, ON, we use the attention to detail that's required to thoroughly examine the oral health of your furry family member in order to offer personalized treatment options for enhanced well-being.

At Your Service

You're sure to appreciate the time and focus we'll give to your companion. Our caring and compassionate staff will treat you and your pet with the courtesy and respect you both deserve. We're open for extended hours, and we have weekend availability for your convenience. Our clinic is open Monday through Friday, 9am - 7pm, and Saturday, 9am - 3pm.

Take care of your pet's oral health at South Etobicoke Animal Hospital. If you're in the Etobicoke area, give us a call today. We'll be happy to set up an appointment or provide you with more information about the services offered by our veterinary dentist.